Included Attachments:

Two Immersion Wands

6.3″ & 8.5″ sizes for perfect reach.


Beats eggs without breaking your wrist.

20 oz. Beaker

With a handy lip for precise pouring.

Chopper with Bowl

You won’t miss manual chopping.

Let the calm wash over you.
Embrace it. Other hand blenders can fail to fit the size and shape of your bowl. Not the InterMix Hand Immersion Blender. InterMix features an additional, extra-long immersion wand so you can worry about one less thing as you prepare your meal. Watch this video to learn more about InterMix.

Intermix Hand Immersion Blender

With 6.3`` and 8.5`` Immersion Wands, Beaker, Whisk and Chopper

Do more with the ChefWave InterMix 500-Watt 9-Speed Immersion Hand Blender. Featuring two 6.3- and 8.5-inch immersion wands, a whisk, a 20-ounce beaker and a food chopper with a 20-ounce bowl, InterMix is equipped with the tools to mix, blend, whisk and chop with efficiency and versatility. This affordable, quick, easy-to-clean hand blender should become a fixture in any kitchen.

  • Rotational Speed: 15000 RPM ±10%
  • Voltage: 110~120 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Power: 500 W
  • Working Time: 3 min.

Extra-Long Immersion Wand

While other hand blenders feature just one immersion wand, InterMix comes with an additional extra-long wand. Two comfortable, nonslip immersion wands allow for different batch sizes or pot types. The versatile 8.5-inch wand, ideal for larger batch cooking and taller stockpots, ensures that you will never have trouble with reach or comfort. The standard 6.3-inch wand provides the depth needed for standard bowls, pots and beakers.

Smooth Operation

The high-powered, low-noise motor of the blender is designed for durability. With variable speed control and nine speeds, InterMix enables smooth transitions. The blender also comes with a turbo charge option.

Premium Design

InterMix is made with durable material that is completely safe for contact with food. Non-scratch stainless steel bases prevent damage to your pots. A plastic blade guard prevents the wand from scratching bottom of your pot or bowl. InterMix is compatible with most mixing bowls, pots and beakers, in addition to the detachable accessories included in the box.

Versatile Applications

Blend soup, baby food, sauce, whipped cream, smoothies, puree, salsa, eggs, batter and more with InterMix.

Click here to download the Intermix Hand Immersion Blender ( SKU: CW-HB500) manual

  • 6.3” Immersion Wand
  • 8.5” Immersion Wand
  • Whisk
  • 20 oz. Beaker
  • Chopper with 20 oz. Bowl
  • User Manual
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